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My Führeliste of the SS and Waffen-SS


To the left you can see a photo of the cover to my book dealing with officers in the SS and Waffen-SS. The book is 368 pages thick and have 1373 officers listed. They all have a familyname starting with A. We have managed to find 873 photos of the officers.

What you can find is name, birthdate/town and in many cases also when and where they died. We have listed all known units. As source we have used the SSO , RuSHA, nad many other documents from the serie of NS 4 (Konzentrationslager) T-354 (Allg.-SS and Waffen-SS) T-175 (RFSS, SS-FHA, SS-HA, SS-RuSHA plus many more)

In about 30 case we have written a more detailed history of the officer.

The book is avaible on all Amazon platforms.

We are currently working furiously on next volume , B1 delaing with officers from Baab to Blaschk. Due to be released in the autumn. You can all follow our project on www.führerliste.com or Facebook/ Führerliste