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Review: Guide of Croatian orders, medals and insignia

This book is a trilingual one, all the text is available in Croatian, English and German, covering the awards, insignia, belt buckles and edged weapons of the Croatian NDH state 1941-1945.

All the militaria is pictured in color photos and next to each photos there is a number that is found next to the description of the item. The descriptions are brief and include something about the wear and requirements of the item as well as an approximate price for a first-class item. Prices are of course something that can vary greatly but they can at least give an indication as to the value.

I’m generally no big fan of books that include more than one language as the books often has a confusing structure, but in this case it works better than usual.

There are very few books on the Croatian forces available in English and virtually nothing on the militaria so this book has little competition so it is worth buying just for that reason, but it also has good photos and information. The only complaint I have is that I would like to see more photos of the items in wear and a collector would no doubt want to see photos of the reverse of all items.

(Reviewed by Marcus Wendel)