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The life for a crew in a Tiger

I jsut have recieved a ton of photos from a friend, among them there was a serie of photos of the SS-Ostuf Waldemar Schütz who after the war and his service in the SS-Pz.Rgt.1 started a publishing company in Germany under the name “K.W. Schütz” I have several of books from that company in my libary.

But the photo I now show is Waldemar Schütz himself in and outside the Tiger (Nr 411) but also his crew. Among them a photo of them cleaning the barrel of the 88 gun that the Tiger was equipped with. It took some men to clean it.

1 photo – their Tiger I No 411

The view for SS-Ostuf W Schütz in the turret.

The radiooperator and machingun handler in the Tiger

The driver of the Tank

The loader of the gun

The tank commander – SS-Ostuf W Schütz

The Cdr and his crew get info about assignments ahead

Cleaning the gun

The tank is ready for the next mission

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