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SS-Totenkopf-Standarte 4 Ostmark

Published: 30 December 2010
Last Updated: 17 May 2013

The SS-Totenkopf-Standarte 4 Ostmark was formed at the Mauthausen camp near Linz, Austria, in September 1938. During the 1938 Reichsparteitag the unit received its Deutschland Erwache standard.
A sturmbann attached to this unit was formed in Berlin October 1938, SS-Sturmbann Götze. This was however made an independent unit July 1939 and moved to Danzig were it was used to form SS-Heimwehr-Danzig.
Ostmark was transferred to Prague in Octoner 1939 were it relieved SS-Standarte Der Führer which was made a part of SS-Verfügungs Division.
It was transferred to Holland June 1940 for use in the costal defense.
It was redesignated SS-Infanterie-Regiment 4 Ostmark February 1941 and attached to 2. SS-Infanterie Brigade.


SS-Standartenführer Otto Reich (1 Apr 1938 – 1 Dec 1940)
SS-Standartenführer Gottfried Klingemann (1 Dec 1940 – 25 Feb 1941)

Manpower strength

July 1940 2.935

Order of battle

I. Stuba
II. Stuba


A cuff title with the text “Ostmark” was authorized for this unit.

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Reference material on this unit

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