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Armored Brigade (Bulgaria)

Published: 18 June 2010Last Updated: 07 April 2012The Armored Brigade was formed 1 Oct 1943 when the Armored Regiment was upgraded to a Brigade and it was organised along the lines of the German 1941 Panzer divisions. The brigade spent 1944 in training until the Bulgarian defection of the Axis camp in Sep when it began fighting the German forces.

For more in-depth information, see the Employment of Armored Fighting Vehicles by Bulgaria article.

Order of battle (July 1944)

   Motorcycle Platoon
1. Armored Regiment
   Armored Maintenace Company
   Armored Staff Company
   Signals Platoon
   Engineer Platoon
   1. Armored Battalion
     1. Company
     2. Company
     3. Company
   2. Armored Battalion
     4. Company
     5. Company
     6. Company
   3. Armored Battalion
     7. Company
     8. Company
     9. Company
   Reseve Platoon
   10. Training Company
   11. Training Company
1. Infantry Regiment (mot)
     Engineer Platoon
     Motorcycle Platoon
   Signals Platoon
   3 x Battalion
     3 x Rifle Company
     Heavy Company
Reconnaissance Battalion
   2 x Motorcycle Company
   Armored Car Company
   Company (mot)
     Engineer Platoon
     Mortar Platoon
     Anti-tank Platoon
   Armored Maintenace Company (mot)
Artillery Regiment (mot)
   Staff & Staff Battery
     Observation Platoon
     Signals Platoon
   2 x Battalion (mot)
     Signals Platoon
     3 x Battery (mot)
Anti-tank Battalion (mot)
   2 x Light Anti-tank Company
   Heavy Anti-tank Company
Flak Battalion (mot)
   Light Flak Battery
   Medium Flak Battery
   Heavy Flak Battery
Engineer Battalion (mot)
   2 x Engineer Company
   Bridging Train
Signals Battalion
   Telephone Company
   Radio Company
Supply Column (mot)
Maintenance Company (mot)
Administration Company (mot)
Field Hospital (mot)
Medical Company (mot)
Ambulance (mot)
Military Police (mot)
Field Post Office (mot)

Panzer IV from the Armored Brigade 1944


(Courtesy of Lost Bulgaria, licensed under Creative Commons)

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Reference material on this unit

Kaloyan Matev – Armored Vehicles 1935-1945 (Equipment and Armor in the Bulgarian Army)