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SS-Lazarett Karlsbad

In 1940 so was the SS-Genesungsheim Karlsbad, it held that name until 1942 when it changed the name into SS-Lazarett-Abteilung Karlsbad which it held for the rest of the war. The Lazarett had a capacity of 174 beds. The hspital was specialized in stomache and gut dieases. But they also treated Malaria at the hostpital.
Who held the leading roll of an Doctor from 1940 to 1944 is unfortunately unknown, but from 1944 the positions was held by SS-Stubaf Dr.Med. Walter Platt. He was in october 1944 replaced by SS-Stubaf Dr.Med Robert Kronenberg. In 1945 the leading Dr at SS-Lazarett-Abteilung Karlsbad was the SS-Ostubaf Dr.Med. Stoll.

Info about Dr´s SS-Stubaf Dr Walter Platt later promoted to SS-Staf, born 17.5.1889 in Mühlhausen SS-Nr
199183. Dr Robert Kronenberg SS-Stubaf born: 2.1.1889 in Prag.

In my manucript of K I have the following listed about Dr Kronenberg –

SS-Nr 255788 NSDAP Nr 2562696 Joined the SS in 1940 was attached to the SS-San.Er.Abt. Prag between 1940-1941. Later he came to SS-Sanitätsamt where he was between 1941-1942. He was then transfered to the SS-Lazarett in Minsk. That service was very short and he was later transfered back to the SS-San.Ers.Abt. later in 1942 he came to SS-Genesungsheim Karlsbad for the first time. But also that was a short service as he was once again transfered to SS-Genesungsheim Winterberg.
After tath was he transfered to the SS-Standort Oberarzt in Breslau. But after that he was transfered to the SS-Ausb.Rgt in Prag. when he left that service is unknow. He was at SS-Laz.KArlsbad to 24.10.1944 when he was released from service in the Waffen-SS.
He was awarded the EK II and verwundetabzeichen im Schwarz. He got promoted to SS-Stubaf on 30.1.43 and SS-Hstuf when he entered sercvice in the Waffen-SS 20.4.1940. He was married but no childrens is listed.

//Georg Schwab

Sources : Nachlass W.Vopersal N756- 304b and SSO Kronenberg, Robert in my personal archive.